China Crisis Live: Diary of a Hallowed Concert

Words and photos by Ed Geronia

Nostalgia is a powerful drug with several known effects: stimulant, depressant, and analgesic. As one of of nostalgia’s most potent agents, music has a similar effect. Music critic Herman Klein said it best when he first heard a demo of the phonograph in the 1880s. He said, “It sounded to my ear like someone singing about half a mile away, or talking at the other end of a big hall; but the effect was rather pleasant…”

Little did he imagine that nearly a hundred years after…

Emergence of the Filipino Nation VR Experience: Declaration of Philippine Independence
Screenplay by: Ed Geronia

EXT. DECLARATION OF PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE, Aguinaldo’s House and frontage, Kawit, Cavite — June 12 1898 — DAY

A large crowd has gathered in front of Emilio Aguinaldo’s house. It stands out in the area because it is a storey and a half high. It has large slide out windows made of capiz and has a pointed roof.

It is just a few minutes past the mid-afternoon and the people have gathered for an important occasion. It is the declaration of Philippine Independence by the revolutionary…

Although consumer virtual reality technology as it is known today was introduced in the ’90s, the concept of a simulated reality goes further back. Photography had its start from the early 1800s and by 1851, a device was already invented to view photographs in three dimensions. Three-dimensional imagery works by displaying two images of the same scene shot from two slightly different angles. In reality, this is how our eyes perceive depth by viewing the same scene, called a stereo pair, from the left and right eye.

With this very simple but ingenious principle for creating and displaying 3D images…

Parallel universes, time travel, teleportation, extraterrestrials, and interstellar travel are common themes in science fiction. In popular culture, shows like Doctor Who have entertained as well as help entrench these esoteric concepts in the consciousness of its viewers. While the adventures of the time-travelling time lord from the planet Gallifrey are entirely fictional, the show’s theoretical foundations may be in the realm of possibility. Even as lesser minds struggle at grasping the fundamentals of complex scientific concepts, there are those who are hard at work at explaining all the mysteries of the universe with a theory of everything.

The author with Dr. Michio Kaku

In November…

Ed Geronia


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